Saturday, October 6, 2012

XXIX International Conference. Ore Potential of Alkaline, Kimberlite and Carbonatite Magmatism.

 "Geochemistry of Alkaline Rocks" School

The conference was held in Sudak, Ukraine. This event is organized annually by laboratory of alkaline magmatism, Vernadsky Institute RAS.
The place was chosen very properly. The beauty of nature, historical places and The Black Sea helped to support positive atmosphere during the whole conference.
Theconference was opened with first words by L.N. Kogarko and E.M. Sheremet

Dr. Kogarko, L.N. Hawaii and mantle plume.

Dr. Kryvdik, S.G. and a beautiful prehnite on the slide.

Dr. Ryabchikov, D.I.

Dr. Hegazy Hussein

The most important part of conferences is to communicate. We had a lot of productive and thoughtful talks.
Dr. Vladykin, N.V. is waving.
At evenings and free days we had chance to enjoy this peaceful place, have talks and share our opinion on the event. 

Genoese fortress
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