Sunday, November 24, 2013


Currently, I do not have much free time to update my blog on a regular basis, so, I decided to make it more education-orientated. Since I travel a lot, I don't have much space for all the books I need. So, it is nice to have all the data I use online. Unfortunately, not everything is easy to find on the internet (e.g. extinction angle in 'symmetric zone' vs composition of plagioclase). Now, I have posted some basic data on rock forming minerals (2V, refractive indices, thin section photos, etc) and more data will be available soon!
I truly believe that it might be useful not only for myself but for all the geology/petrology students around the globe.
All the pictures, tables, pictures are reproduced or created by me, if it is not specified otherwise. Most of the data was taken form Deer, Howie and Zussman "Rock forming minerals" (1966), Tröger's "Optische Bestimmung for Gesteinsbildenden Minerale" (1971). 
I also want to ask if there are nice people who might want to contribute some of the thin section pictures.  Please, contact me if you have any microphotos of rocks/minerals. Your cooperation will be much appreciated and your name will appear here!