Wednesday, April 17, 2013

X Fersman Scientific Session, Apatity, April 2013.

X Fersman Scientific Session was held in Kola Science CenterRussian Academy of Science, which is located in Apatity, Murmansk Oblast. The conference was dedicated to 150th anniversary of the world famous scientist V.I. Vernadsky. Also, the event included celebration of Geologists Day (first Sunday of April) on lake Imandra (picture above). Two of us were sent for the presentation - me and Maria Akimenko, PhD student from Vernadsky Institute. I am thankful to everyone in Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Science for a warm welcome and organization of the conference. The Session included oral reports from scientist all around Russia and several international representatives. We have met members of Geological Survey of FinlandGeneral Professor, Elias Ekdahl, and professor from University of Delhi, India - Dr. Ashima Saikia. The abstracts will be published in special peer-reviewed collecting book. Every abstract could be 4 pages maximum.
Yuri L. Voitehovsky opens the conference. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Award of Federal Agenсy for Subsoil Use and Russian Geological Society, April 2013.

It was a great pleasure to be awarded by the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use and the Russian Geological Society for my work in 2012 year. I am very thankful to the people working in  this organizations. Also, I thank our research group at the Vernadsky Institute and the Geological Institute, Kola Science Center.

Nomination: "The best student paper in the field of fundamental and applied problems of geology contributory to the development of mineral resources"
Paper: "Genetic characteristics and metallogenic specialization of peralkaline granites of the Proterozoic polyphase complex Gremyakha-Vyrmes ".
The badge Russian Geological Society.
 Mente et Malleo.
The statue is the copy of geologists monument  
in front of my university. Dedicated to the Geologists-Pioneers.